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Ancient Maya Cave Exploration Photos -- National Geographic
March 13, 2019 – 02:35 pm
Understanding Cuban revolution

Photograph by Sabrina Simōn

The 2011 team stands outside the limestone depression that leads to Aktun Kuruxtun. Back row, from left to right: Jonathan Pagliaro, archaeologist; Lindsey Weeks, archaeologist; Ryan Collins, archaeologist; Pascale Meehan, archaeologist; Nathan Williams, caver; Fabio Amador, visiting National Geographic/Waitt Grants Program Officer; Juan Carlos Cob Cuxin, local guide. Front row, from left to right: Roseanne Quinn, archaeologist; Samantha Pietruszewski, archaeologist; Donald Slater, project director and archaeologist; Ediel Abram Tun Albornoz, local guide; Raul Balam Cob, local guide. Not pictured: Sabrina Simōn, caver; Marcus Kirby, caver; Brent Wilkins, caver; Victor Fowler, caver; Peter Leach, archaeologist; and local guides Isauro Ruiz Tun, Serviliano Moo Yam, Gustavo Vicab Mex, Florentino Cob Matu, Gerardo Cob Matu, Yainson O. Uc Sansores, Daniel Gamboa Noh, Jose Santos Matu Nabarro, and Juan Alberto Matu Cob.

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