Ancient Mayan beliefs

Religious Beliefs
October 22, 2021 – 11:09 pm
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Pauahtun god of the heavensA lot of the Mayas religious tradition is not understood by scholars, but it is known that the Maya believed that the cosmos had three major planes, the Earth, the underworld beneath and the heavens above.

The underworld of the Maya is reached through caves and deep tunnels. It was thought to be ruled by the aged Maya gods of death and putrefaction. The Sun Kinich Ahua and Itzamna, an aged god, ruled the Mayans idea of the sky. Another aged man, God L, was one of the major idols of the underworld. The night sky was considered a window showing all supernatural events.Mayan god of the Earth The Maya confirmed constellations of gods and places, saw the unfolding of narratives in their seasonal movements, and believed that the intersection of all possible worlds was in the night sky.

Maya gods had likeness and aspects that caused them to come together with one another in ways that seem unbounded. There is a massive range of supernatural characters in the Maya religious tradition, but only some appear regularly. Good and evil traits are not the fixed characteristics of Maya gods, nor is only "good" respected. What is suitable one year might come to pass in another since much of the Maya religious tradition is based on cycles.

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