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Ancient Maya
October 31, 2020 – 04:18 pm
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Many Mayan houses were made of perishable organic materials. This is the main reason why no examples still exist. Since 16th-century Spanish conquerors were mostly interested in the social power of the more symbolic religious cultures and paid little attention to the habitats of the common people.

Originally, Each Mayan family had a lot and their houses were built on low limestone platforms. Usually these lots were bordered by low walls made of narrowly stacked stone. Each family's lot included their hut, a well, a latrine, a chicken coup, a garden and a laundry room (batea). The house was one rectangular room with rounded corners, no windows, and one central door built to face east. In traditional Maya kitchens women would cook on a grill set over three rocks. The floor in a Maya home was made of sascab, a layer of gravel covered with white packed soil. The walls had a wood form that was covered with clay, and then whitened with lime. Occasionally a house would have wooden baseboards.

This picture is of a family compound set in the forest. This family lives in thatched huts called nah in the Maya language. Huts of this same design are still used in parts of Guatemala and in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and Gulf Coast. The roof is thatched and the walls are constructed from upright poles plastered with mud. Both houses are on top of low limestone platforms to keep them dry during the wet season. On the far right, a hunter returns with a deer over his shoulder. Children play in the deck area, while other adults work on crafts or prepare food. To the right a man repairs the thatching on the roof of the nah
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What was the ancient Mayans challenges?

drought or no rain for long time

What was an ancient Mayan codex.

A codex is an old manuscript, in the form of a book, which replaced the scroll between the years 0-300 AD. They were written in Maya hieroglyphic script on Mesoamerican bark cloth.

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