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Today in the Aztec and Maya Calendar
January 12, 2019 – 01:16 pm
Secrets Of Aztec and Mayan

Solar year


4 - Tecpatl (flint knife)


365-day calendar

13 - Tititl (XVII)

The significance of this day

Day Ozomahtli (Monkey) is governed by Xochipili, the Flower Prince, as its provider of tonalli (Shadow Soul) life energy. Ozomahtli is a day for creating, for play, for celebrating. A good day for lightheartedness, a bad day for seriousness. Ozomahtli is a warning about how easily the noble person can be trapped by the lures of public life.

The thirteen day period (trecena) that starts with day 1-Ehecatl (Wind) is ruled by Chantico. The 13 days of this trecena are governed by the elemental intent of the divine Whirlwind: to create chaos out of order. Order and reason outlive their purpose and must be replaced by the potential for new, unexpected, unpredictable, change. It is precisely in the heart of order that the lightningbolt strikes. These are 13 days of instability and insecurity. The warrior prefers to have no relationships if the only alternative is to have bad relationships: thievery abounds and no treasure of the heart is safe. These are good days to be in the vanguard; bad days to be encamped behind the front.

Aztec facts

The last New Fire ceremony rituals (performed at the end of a 52-year calendar round or xiuhmolpilli) under Aztec reign were probably held from January 23 to .

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