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August 21, 2018 – 10:40 am
Aztec Facts In the 1400s

Skeleton with stone-encrusted teeth found in Mexico ancient ruins

Archeologists have discovered the 1, 600-year-old skeleton of an upper-class woman whose skull was intentionally deformed and teeth were encrusted with mineral stones near Mexico's ancient ruins of Teotihuacan.

Mystery Of Morbid Aztec Skull Masks Solved By Archaeologists

Eight masks made from human skulls were found at a temple in Tenochtitlán, Mexico, over three decades ago. Their purpose and origins have always been somewhat mysterious. But a new archaeological analysis suggests that these morbid masks may have been made from slain warriors and other elite members of ancient Aztec society.

BE The Aztecs in this Board Game!

How would you like to be a part of the Mexica tribe, builders of the Aztec Empire? You can compete with other nobles as you build the capitol of the empire.

This game may not teach you all the intricacies of Aztec history, but it's a lot of fun. This is an updated version of the award-winning game #3 in the Mask Trilogy by Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling. Board game fans, check it out!

"The Luck of Huemac" - Read it or Watch It

The novel The by Daniel Peters is the story of a family in during the last days of the Aztec Empire. According to, Televisa USA is getting ready to produce a series based on the book. Michael Chernuchin (well known for his work on Law & Order) has been recruited to develop the series.

Your own Aztec Posters

So you want your very own Aztec posters? Here are some of my favourite poster art of the Aztec empire...

EPOCH TIMES: Archaeologists Find Captive Carnivore Remains in Mexico During Excavation of Mesoamerica Pyramids

Remains of captive carnivores were found in the excavation of what was once one of the largest cities in the world.

The puma, eagle, and wolf remains were found in Teotihuacan, which was one of the largest and most powerful urban cities in the world between the first and sixth centuries A.D.

Reuters: Hunt for ancient royal tomb in Mexico takes mercurial twist

A Mexican archeologist hunting for a royal tomb in a deep, dark tunnel beneath a towering pre-Aztec pyramid has made a discovery that may have brought him a step closer: liquid mercury.

QUARTZ: Aztec human sacrifice was a bloody, fascinating mess

The common consensus—outside academic circles, at least—is that the Aztec empire, like most indigenous American nations, crumbled under the combined force of colonial subjugation and imported European diseases. And while these factors certainly played substantial roles in the Spanish conquest of Mexico, another theory considers a fascinating aspect of Aztec society: human sacrifice...

The Codex Mendoza

The 1542 codex known as Codex Mendoza was created about 20 years after the conquest of Mexico. It gives us some early pictures of Aztec life, influenced both by the Aztec people themselves and the Europeans.

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