Location of the Maya

Ancient Maya Locations, Architecture, Language
February 22, 2017 – 01:42 pm
Location of the Maya 3

The Maya lived in subtropical Mesomerica in parts of the countries that are now Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize, Honduras, and the Yucatan peninsula area of Mexico. Major sites of the Maya are located at:

Old settlements of the Maya are visible from planes passing above the jungles.

When Were the Ancient Maya?:

The recognizable culture of the Maya developed between 2500 B.C. and A.D. 250. The peak period of Maya civilization was in the Classic period, which began in A.D. 250. The Maya lasted for about another 700 years before suddenly disappearing as a major force; however, the Maya did not die out then and haven't to this day.

What Do We Mean by the Ancient Maya?:

The ancient Maya were united by a shared religious system and language, although there are actually many Mayan languages. While the political system was also shared among the Maya, each chiefdom had its own ruler.

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Battles between cities and protective alliances were frequent.

Sacrifice and Ball Games:

Human sacrifice is a part of many cultures, including the Maya, and is usually associated with religion in that people are sacrificed to the gods. The Maya creation myth involved a sacrifice made by the gods that had to be re-enacted by humans from time to time. One of the occasions of human sacrifice was the ball game. It is not known how often sacrifice of the loser ended the game, but the game itself was often deadly. When the Spanish came to Mesoamerica they witnessed serious injuries from the sport. [Source: "The Mesoamerican World"]

Architecture of the Maya:

The Maya built pyramids, like the people of Mesopotamia and Egypt. Maya pyramids were usually 9-step pyramids with flat tops on which were perched temples to the gods accessible by stairs. The steps corresponded with the 9 layers of the Underworld.

Source: ancienthistory.about.com
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