Great Mayan cities

The Great Cities of the Maya
July 26, 2021 – 09:29 pm
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YAXHA, Guatemala and XUNANTUNICH, Belize -

First it's to Yaxha Archaeological Site, the only Maya Classic Site whose name is the same as its emblem glyph. Known for having a large concentration of massive buildings and with defined avenues and causeways. It was always an allied of Tikal. Its location, on the shore of a lake and within the Maya Biosphere Reserve, makes it unique.

Then transfer to Belize for the next visit, Xunantunich. This is an interesting small site with a tall pyramid with an spectacular view of the San Ignacio valley. Overnight in the Cayo District of Belize. (B, L)


CARACOL, Belize. Early morning departure to visit Caracol, one of the largest political, religious and economic centers of the Maya Classic Time. Magnificent and well restored pyramids, the tallest one is named Caana. Caracol is connected through a network of sakbeob with several small sites. In the 7th Century, in an alliance with Calakmul, Caracol defeated mighty Tikal. Return to Guatemala for overnight in Flores. (B, L)


PALENQUE, Mexico. Another World Heritage Site, Palenque is prized for its well-preserved buildings, carved stucco ornamentation, delicate bas-reliefs and lengthy hieroglyphic texts. Palenque reached its zenith during the reign of Pacal the Great (AD 615-683). His tomb in the Temple of the Inscriptions opened in 1952 and stands as one of the greatest discoveries of Mayan archaeology. Site and museum. Overnight in Palenque. (B, L)

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