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Definition of Mayan in English:
January 10, 2014 – 08:54 am
The Grand Mayan Los Cabos

[mass noun] A large family of American Indian languages spoken in Central America and Mexico, of which the chief members are Maya, Quiché, and Tzeltal.

‘The movie will definitely be performed in Mayan, an ancient pre-Colombian language.’ ‘When Monteczuma's envoys came to Tabasco to find out information about Cortes, they spoke only Nahuatl while Cortes's Spanish translator spoke only Mayan.’ ‘There was a fireplace to her left that had a few trinkets from a Mayan expedition on the mantle: a clay doll, a small clay tablet carved in Mayan, and a stone jaguar.’ ‘Apart from Mayan and Epi-Olmec, the language groups of most of the Americas are not dealt with.’ ‘At first I thought it might be Mayan or another Latin-American indigenous language since these language groups are increasing in the area.’ ‘With songs in Spanish, English, Mayan, and Zapotec, it reflects the babel of voices that is our ever-expanding border region.’


1Denoting or relating to the Mayan family of languages.

‘Approximately one-third of the indigenous population speaks only a Mayan language.’ ‘At the time it wasn't clear which of the many Mayan languages this might refer to, but now the situation has been clarified - sort of - by Gibson himself.’ ‘They looked more like Aztec or Mayan symbols, but in a Romanized kind of style.’ ‘Language issues can be intimately linked with assimilation, as children sometimes reject both their Mayan language and customs.’ ‘We are Mayan people; we speak twenty-two different Mayan languages.’ ‘But this word still lives on, in many of the Mayan languages, not least for the games that children play with grass balls.’ ‘The meaning, the authors report, as with all Mayan writing, is difficult to decipher.’ ‘Wall paintings and mummified owl remains of have been discovered in ancient Egyptian tombs, and the owl motif was used in Egyptian as well as Mayan hieroglyphics.’

2Relating to or denoting the Maya people.

‘His work was further influenced by extensive travel and by Mayan, Chinese, Japanese, and Islamic traditions as well as his own Scandinavian roots.’ ‘I remembered the Mayan naming system was based on a series of numeral days, as well as a repeating cycle of constellations.’
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