Mayan Indian tribes

The Maya Indians of Central America and Mexico
November 16, 2017 – 01:07 pm
Crowds of various Mayan Indian

The Maya Indians were a group of early people who lived in regions from Central America to Mexico. They were a vast and large group and well civilized. The Maya Indians early culture and forms of learning have fascinated archaeologists, Sociologists, and Anthropologists. Records have shown that the Maya Indians used very detailed and scientific form of time keeping and a very complex alphabet.

The Maya Indians were settled in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Belize and extended all the way into Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula. The exact date of the Maya Indians appearance is not certain, but it is believed that they were settled as early as 1, 000 B.C. The Mayans are well known for their structures such as pyramids and burial mounds. Not much of the Mayan empire is remaining today, when the Spanish discovered them, they burned and destroyed most of the Mayan records, yet what does remain testifies to the technological capabilities and advancements of these primitive people. Not only were the Maya Indians early builders, but they also had a well-structured formal government in place. Hieroglyphics and records kept by the early colonies show that their governments ruled and conquered neighboring people. The Maya Indians also traded with other tribes and many of their items of barter included salt, cacao, and the mineral Obsidian. It is also shown that the early Mayans were well advanced in other areas as well. It is believed that they were great farmers who had developed impressive systems and technologies that were well ahead of their time. Many of the Mayan art depict some of the most advanced art forms of all the early people.

The most interesting fact about the Maya Indians has to be that no one knows for sure what happened to them. It is believed that at some time near 900-1000 A.D. the Maya Indians just disappeared.

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