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The Mayans' Knowledge of Astronomy
August 1, 2015 – 09:30 am
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The Mayans: Another Civilization That Refutes
the Idea of the Evolution of History

Some evolutionist scientists claim that the Mayans did not use metal tools. Yet if not, how can we account for the detailed stonework in Mayan ruins? Metal tools would swiftly oxidize and decay in the Yucatán rain forest, with its humid climate. It may well be, therefore, that Mayan metal objects have not survived down to the present. But their surviving stone structures show that it is impossible for such delicate and detailed work to have been produced using only stone tools.

Remains of a building in the Ancient Mayan city of Uxmal

Almost all evolutionist publications have one thing in common: All of them devote considerable space to imaginary scenarios regarding why some biological structure or characteristic of a living thing might have evolved. The striking factor is that all the stories evolutionists dream up are depicted as scientific fact. The fact is, however, that these accounts are nothing more than Darwinist fairy tales. Evolutionists seek to present the scenarios they come up with as scientific evidence. Yet these accounts are all entirely misleading, of no scientific worth, and can never constitute evidence for evolutionist claims.

One tale so frequently encountered in the evolutionist literature is that of allegedly ape-like creatures turning into human beings, and of primitive man gradually becoming a social entity. Despite there being no scientific evidence to support them, reconstructions of these supposed primitive human beings—in which they are depicted as walking only semi-upright, grunting, walking together with their "cave-families" or hunting with crude stone tools—are the best known parts of this scenario.

These reconstructions amount to an invitation to imagine and believe. With them, evolutionists seek to convince people not on the basis of concrete facts, but of fantastic speculation, because these are based on their authors' prejudices and preconceptions, rather than on scientific facts.

Have they not traveled in the Earth and seen the final fate of those before them? They had greater strength than them and cultivated the land and inhabited it in far greater numbers than they do… (Qur'an, 30:9)

El Mirador, Guatemala
Reconstruction of a preclassic Mayan city

Evolutionists have no qualms about keeping these stories in the professional literature, nor about presenting them as if they were scientific truth, even though they are well aware of the erroneous nature of their accounts. However, these scenarios so frequently voiced by evolutionists constitute conjectures, not scientific evidence, for the theory of evolution, because there is no evidence that Man is descended from an ape-like ancestor. In the same way, no archaeological or historical evidence suggests that societies evolve from the primitive to the more advanced. Man has been Man ever since he first came into existence, and has created different civilizations and cultures in all periods of history. One of these civilizations is the Mayan, whose remains still inspire amazement today.

Historical sources refer to a tall figure in white robes who came to the communities living in this region. According to the information contained on monuments, the belief in a single God spread for a short time, while advances were made in science and art.

The Mayans: Expert Mathematicians

Bottom left: Temple of Inscriptions, constructed during the reign of ruler Pacal
The detailed carving on the stone shows that the Mayans possessed the necessary technology for stonemasonry, which is next to impossible in the absence of tools such as steel files, chisels, and drills.
Bottom left: Temple of the Warriors at Chichen Itza
Right: Top part of the reconstructed Rosalila Temple

The Mayans lived in Central America in around 1, 000 BCE, at a considerable distance from other advanced civilizations like those in Egypt, Greece and Mesopotamia. The most important features of the Mayans are the scientific advances they made in the fields of astronomy and mathematics, and their complex written language.

The Mayans' knowledge of time, astronomy and mathematics was a thousand years ahead of that of the Western world at the time. For example, their calculation of the Earth's annual cycle was a great deal more accurate than any other such calculations before the invention of the computer. The Mayans used the mathematical concept of zero a thousand years before its discovery by Western mathematicians, and used far more advanced figures and signs than their contemporaries.

The Mayan Calendar

The Haab, the civil calendar used by the Mayans, consisting of 365 days, is one of the products of their advanced civilization. Actually, they were aware that a year is slightly longer than 365 days; their estimate was 365.242036 days. In the Gregorian calendar in use today, a year consists of 365.2425 days. As you can see, there's only a very small difference between the two figures—further evidence of the Mayans' expertise in the fields of mathematics and astronomy.

The Mayan calendar is almost identical to the 365-day Gregorian calendar used today. The Mayans calculated that a year was slightly longer than 365 days (above).

An Aztec calendar stone (left).

The Mayans' Knowledge of Astronomy

Astronomical knowledge that can calculate the one day that needs to be subtracted from the orbit of Venus every 6, 000 years is an important example of the advanced civilization of the past peoples.

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