Mayan Lands

October 10, 2021 – 10:55 pm
Rights in Mayan lands
This part of the road leads to the Mayan Lands. You are 'transported' into the body of Tepec. First climb up the pyramid on the left of the pit (Quetzalcoatl's Pyramid). An entrance into the pyramid is at the top. Talk to all the characters to learn about what's happening. The priestess asks you to give the bandages to the king. After the king's sacrifice, return the bandages to the priestess. Accept her offer to send you to Xibalba, the Land of the Dead. When talking to the Bat God look at him carefully and note the three dots on his body. The Pyramid Puzzles should be completed before those in Xibalba, so return to the pyramids. To travel back and forth click the bat on the post (next to the Bat God and next to the priestess).


You should have been to Xibalba (and spoken to the Bat God) at least once before tackling these puzzles. Climb the pyramid on the right of the pit (Tezcatlipoca's Pyramid). Climb the second set of stairs to reach the top. Remove the obsidian foot from the bottom left corner of the large, upright stone slab. Also study the star system carved on the flat stone slab. Astronomy buffs will recognize it as the Big Dipper.
Navigating your way around the first and second levels may initially seem difficult - but both are nothing more than simple squares. To view the two maps click on the pyramid icon below.
To solve the puzzles you need to understand the Mayan base 20 number system (as opposed to ours which is a base 10 system). Count the number of little men in each example and see how the number is depicted. The input boards consist of 4 segments, each having a 7X5 grid of holes. From the examples you know the bottom grid is used for the numbers 1-19 and each hole in the second bottom grid represents a unit of 20. Similarly, the next grid up represents units of 400. The balls are used for 1, 2, 3 and 4 units and the rods are used to show 5 units.
The guard on the first level tells you that "The Jaguar's number is the Bat's multiplied by itself". Did you look closely at the Bat God in Xibalba? Did you see the three dots? If the Bat's number is 3 you work out that the Jaguar's number is 9 (3X3).
Enter 9 on the input board (see graphic below). As the number is less than 20, place one rod (5 units) and four balls (4 units) in the bottom grid. If done correctly you should hear a click and the guard allows you down to the second level.
The guard on the second level tells you "The Jaguar's number multiplied by itself is the Snake's". So you have to enter 81 (9X9) on this level's input board (see below). In the Mayan number system 81 is depicted as (4X20) + 1. Place four balls (4 units of 20 each) in the second bottom grid and one ball (1 unit) goes in the bottom grid. Again if done correctly you hear a click and the guard allows you down to the next level.
The third level is different to the others. Push the stone button to reveal the crocodile chamber. There is no guard to give you the number to enter, but you can work it out. If the Jaguar's number (9) is the Bat's number (3) multiplied by itself and the Snake's number (81) is the Jaguar's number (9) also multiplied by itself, then the Crocodile's number is the Snake's number (81) multiplied by itself, i.e. 6561. To enter the number 6561 on the input board place 3 rods and one ball (16 units of 400 each) in the third bottom grid, one rod and three balls (8 units of 20) in the second bottom grid and one ball (1 unit) in the bottom grid.
Remove the second obsidian foot from the crocodile's mouth. Insert the two obsidian feet into the square recesses in the wall to reveal an opening just above the floor. Before leaving through this opening, remove both obsidian feet and take them with you. Note that the chamber entrance closes when the obsidian foot is removed from the crocodile's mouth, so if you forgot to get the first obsidian foot you have to go back and fetch it to complete this puzzle. To open the chamber entrance, replace the second obsidian foot into the crocodile's mouth.


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