Mayans architecture

Mayan Architecture
December 1, 2021 – 11:47 pm
Evidence show that the early
  • Introduction: Long ago the pre-Columbian Mayans built highly complex cities and mammoth structures without the invention of the wheel or domesticated animals(Benson 40). Their limited architectural and engineering knowledge enabled them to strengthen their civilization by creating wondrous religious centers. The information that I found was so extensive that I decided to focus on their pyramids and temples.
  • Types of Religious Structures

  • Conclusion: With all of this in mind it truly amazes me to think how advanced these people were in some areas and how behind they were in others. They found their won way to do things and accomplished great tasks. All civilizations go through a phase of building on gigantic scale(Stierlin 98). The Mayans took this endeavor one step further by beautifying their structures using bright, colorful, painted decorations(Hernandez 17). They were constructed so well that they can still be seen today.
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