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Building Soundsystems in the Sand
April 30, 2018 – 05:19 pm
Mayan God

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by Thomas Sontag

Head into the dust on a vision quest.

Next week our Head of Artist & Label Relations, Thomas Von Party, heads into the dust of Burning Man on a vision-quest, DJing at one of “the playa’s” coolest art-cars, the Mayan Warrior. Ahead of this voyage into sun & sand, he speaks to one of the organizers, Pablo Gonzalez Vargas.

Mexico has really leapt onto the global dance scene with BPM festival, the emergence of Tulum as one of the trendiest holiday spots, and musical exports like Rebolledo (of Pachanga Boys), Daniel Maloso etc. Knowing this is just the tip of the taco, what other amazing things do you see that will soon be popular exports?

My bets for the next exports from Mexico are all playing on the Mayan Warrior this year. We want to bring to the playa, some of the music scene in DF (Mexico City) like Zombies in Miami that recently came back from a tour in Europe. There is also Max Jones who has an amazing new project and Avanti who is earning a considerable fan base in Europe.

new old mayan_warrior3__1428416148_24.37.204.38#Flamethrowers

Can you tell us a bit about your first Burning Man experience and the origins of the Mayan Warrior?

My first Burning Man experience was a life-changing one. I realized that there was a place in the world that was a perfect “sand box” for adults where creative expression was limitless. This gave birth to the Mayan Warrior, inspired from DMT trips, ancient Mayan culture, crop circles and the principles of sacred geometry.

Alex Grey contributed to the project by painting the Warriors face, and we want to conserve this piece of art as long as we can.

Artist Alex Grey sketching designs for the art car

I’m very curious about the soundsystem, how it’s assembled, what kind of amplification it requires, how you keep all those amps cool enough in the heat… it’s a technical marvel!

The sound system is our most important element in this project – 70, 000 watts of power, generated by a D&B soundsystem with 20 x 18’’ subwoofers and 16 full range speakers, covering a dance floor of 3, 000 people. The technical challenges are quite big because playa dust kills electronics, so we have all the amps in a perfectly sealed chamber with AC inside the art-car. It took us three years to get this system perfected…

Source: blog.landr.com
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