Where were the Mayans?

What were the Mayans famous for?
February 8, 2021 – 06:23 pm
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The Mayans society left behind many artifacts that show us just how advanced the culture was. They were hunters and farmers, as well as artists and scientists. The artwork of the Mayans was rich, ornate and detailed. The details on the people's buildings were made with stone and stucco, though many of the buildings were built and decorated using cement and plaster. The region that the Mayans lived in was rich with limestone and flint, making these materials easy to obtain. The Mayans were advanced enough in science and math that they were able to create an accurate calendar. There were two different calendars used. One was 260 days long and was represented by a specific name and symbol. They also had a calendar that represented 365 days like modern calendars. Unlike modern calendars, the months were only 12 days long and there were 18 months instead of 12. These months were named just like on modern calendars, but they also had a symbol to represent them. There was 1 month that was 5 days long and considered unlucky in the Mayan culture.

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