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Connect a texture as a displacement map
July 1, 2019 – 06:24 am
Map of Mexico showing Cabo San
  • During bump or displacement mapping, if an image file contains a mask channel, the mask channel is used for displacement and bump mapping. If the mask channel is absent, the luminance of the RGB is used to displace and, or bump map.

If you prefer to use the luminance information as the alpha, turn on the Alpha Is Luminance attribute (in the Color Balance section of the file texture’s Attribute Editor).

To create a displacement map

  1. In the Hypershade window, drag and drop the desired material, to the work area to create it, and middle-drag the material swatch onto the object in the viewport to assign it.
  2. Select the shading group node. In the shading group , click the map button beside the Displacement mat attribute and select the desired texture.
  3. Click the Baking Preview Image button to see the render results.

    Tip: Displacement mapped texture results do not display in hardware texturing mode (the view) unless temporarily mapped to a material’s channel.

    You can also use Modify > Convert > Displacement to Polygons.

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