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Mayan Legends: Bedtime Stories of an Ancient Civilization
January 3, 2018 – 02:10 pm
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Lo Aluxes, Mayan legends of the YucatanMayan mythology emerged from the traditions and religion of a civilization as old as 3, 000 years from a vast region called Mesoamerica: territories that are now the Mexican states of Campeche, Chiapas, Quintana Roo, Tabasco, and Yucatan, in addition to some parts of Central America. Even though many of the texts written by the Mayans were burned on the arrival of the Spanish, some legends have survived and continue to be told today.

Mayan mythology is fascinating. The stories below serve a double purpose: to remember the traditions of a civilization that continues to be alive. To shed some light on a culture that we are immerged in.

  1. The legend of the Aluxes: mystical beings that since the beginning of time take care of their owners.
  2. The legend of Xtabay: a story that gives life to a liquor found in the Yucatan Peninsula.
  3. The love story of Sac-Nicte & Canek: one of the many legends that explain the abandonment of Chichen Itza.
  4. The legend of the Uxmal dwarf: an unlikely king who builds spectacular structures and made a city grow.

The legend of the Aluxes:

The aluxes are tiny beings, created out of clay that were hidden and in that way they were able to protect its owner. The aluxes (pronounced ah-lu-shes), had a strong tie to their creator. Once they were created, they were offered prayer and offerings to make them come to life.

The aluxes were known to be faithful to their owners and mischievous with strangers. When the properties of their owners were passed down to others, the aluxes would come out and scare the children. To please them, the new owners would have to give them food, cigarettes, honey, and corn.

Love Story, Mayan legend of Sac-nicte and CanekToday, the aluxes continue to take care of the mayan towns. Some original clay figurines can be found in the Dzitnup and Samula cenotes, near the city of Valladolid. Some people believe that the aluxes are here to bring light to the world. The creatures are hardly ever seen as they are agile and light, like the wind. The Mayans believe that if respected, the aluxes will protect you and will take care of your properties.


The legend of Xtabay and the flower of Xtabentun

Pronounced eesh-ta-bai, this legend tells the story of two beautiful sisters. One of them was known as the sinner and the other as the good one. The first one was not wanted because she gave herself to love, but in reality was loved by the sick and the weak ones. The second one was appreciated by the town, but in the interior she was rigid and incapable of loving those around her.

Upon Xbeban’s (the sinner) death, she received visitors from all over. Her tomb was surrounded by beautiful, colorful flowers and from that place a sweet smell filled the air. Then Utz-Colel (the good women) died. As fast as she died, her body started to emit a disgusting smell and all the flowers around her grave died. From Xkeban’s tomb grows a particular flower called Xtabentun while in Utz-Colel’s tomb, a cactus called tzacam grows.

Mayan legend of Xtabay, flower of xtabentun Dwarf of Uxmal, Mayan legends in Mexico
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