Aztec and Inca empires

What are the similarities and differences between the Aztec and Inca empires?
June 13, 2020 – 02:31 pm
Chapter 15 – The Aztec and

Well first of all, both the Inca and the Aztec performed human sacrifices to the gods. However, sacrifices were done by the thousands in the Aztec Empire. In the Inca World, it was more like when disaster struck or something unexpected had happened would a ceremonial sacrifice take place high in the Andes, but the Inca could not compare to the share quantity of sacrifices performed by the Aztecs.

Both civilizations were without question very advanced and had their own complex but very well organized society.

Polygamy ( belief in multiple gods) dominated both empires. They worshiped idols extensively and interestingly, the Sun God held the high place in both societies.

The Inca Empire was definitely based on agriculture and they achieved this in great lengths. The Aztecs depended on Agriculture just as much, despite the fact that Mexico was certainly not in any way the Andes.

And of course, both empires were conquered by the same catholic empire; the Spanish. Although the expeditions were lead by different men (Herman Cortes lead the one against the Aztecs and Francisco Pizarro the one against the Inca), the result was similar. Although the Aztec put up a better fight than the Inca did, both empires eventually succumbed to Spanish military power and following that, European diseases began to run rampant in both empires, causing a great decrease in the populations.

The first difference to notice is the expanse of the empires themselves. The Inca empire was 772, 204 square miles and includes 5 modern day countries. The Aztec empire by contrast was about 117, 501 square miles and includes only Mexico itself.

With the road system of the Inca being very advanced, the communication system of the Inca were far more advanced than the Aztec. Messages could be sent by using runners who could get to any corner of the empire in days.

Documentation was also done differently. Inca used quipus; wool and string tied up. It was able to communicate information to some degree. The Aztecs used a codex, similar to what other peoples had already used such as animal hide or a sought of bark paper. There are known to be codex's for different accounts and records.

And there is the clear difference in geography. The Inca were based in the Andes mountains. The Aztec were centered in the Mexico Valley. Mountains and volcanoes surrounded this valley, so that's a slight similarity. However, the Andes is still the longest continental mountain range and at a height of about 13, 000 feet. The Mexico Valley is just over 7, 000 feet above sea level.

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