Facts about Incas

Ten Interesting Facts about the Incas
April 3, 2017 – 12:07 pm
Facts about the Incas (master)

Machu Picchu in PeruIncan city of Machu Picchu

If you’re contemplating a vacation to Peru to visit Machu Picchu, take a look at these facts about the Incas before you go:

  • The Incas created a highway and road system in Peru with over 18, 000 miles of roads.
  • The Incas had a type of postal system where relay messengers ran across rope bridges to deliver communications to the next team. Messengers lived in pairs, with one person sleeping and the other on alert for messages.
  • The Incas performed successful skull surgeries.
  • The Incas were the first to cultivate the potato in Peru.
  • The Incas used a system of knotted and colored strings, a ‘quipu’ for records, math and possibly even language.
  • The Incas believed in reincarnation.
  • The Incas used a dry masonry method to construct buildings without mortar using stones fit so perfectly together that nothing can slip between them and it proved to be extremely resistant to earthquakes.
  • The Incas used advanced farming techniques such as canals and ditches to irrigate their crops in Peru.
  • The Incas administered intelligence tests to Incan children and based on their results they were either taught a trade or sent to school to become administrators or part of the nobility.
  • The Incas worshiped the sun god Inti and the Incan emperor was believed to have been a direct descendent of the sun god.
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