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October 16, 2018 – 11:56 am
International Costa Maya 2015

If a heavy, dark, metal show with non-stop moshpits is what you're after, go see Veil of Maya. The young metal deathcore quartet, hailing from Chicago, have been going strong since 2004, and are considered major contributors to the American heavy metal and burgeoning 'djent' genre. More to the point, if you like complexly constructed drop-tuned basslines, shredding guitar riffs, and deep, screaming vocals, this band is for you.

After forming with the collaboration of guitarist Marc Okubo and drummer Sam Applebaum, Veil of Maya released their first record 'All Things Set Aside' as a six-

piece (with three guitarists), but since then have stripped down to a more raw, bass-driven sound, and Okubo is currently the band's only guitarist.

Seeing Veil of Maya live is like being engulfed into an intoxicatingly dark, deliciously primal, sweaty, onslaught of sound and movement. The circle pits at their shows are huge, and the band's onstage energy and admirable headbanging encourage their audience to go all-out crazy. When I saw them a couple of years ago at Ramshead Live, Baltimore, this was exactly what it was like, and during the high-octane 'It's Not safe To Swim Today', between masterful riffs Okubo parted the audience to form a 'wall of death'- resulting in a few bruises, but well worth it for the pure exhilaration of running head-on into the crowd.

This is one band who have been touring almost non-stop since their beginnings, and they don't seem to be letting up anytime soon. If metal is your scene, you won't be disappointed by a Veil of Maya gig.

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