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Sid Meier's Civilization V: How to Build a Wide Empire
June 25, 2020 – 02:40 pm
Greek civilization/empire

While it does not need to be quite the super-city of a tall empire, the importance of the capital is just as great. Imagine instead of a city, you are building a city factory. The capital is no longer a city, but instead a settler factory.

1. Settling Down

Choosing where to settle is the biggest decision made the entire game. When settling, prioritize the following:

On top of: hill, luxury resources, high yield resources, river, coast, mountain

Nearby: resources, resources, resources

When settling a city, the city tile yields 2 food and 1 production (0 gold, 0 culture, etc.). If the base yield of that tile is higher in any category, the city tile's yield is replaced with that. For example, a hill gem tile yields 2 production and 1 gold as a base. Settling on top of it then turns the city tile into 2 food, 2 production, and 3 gold. Additionally, luxury and strategic resources are automatically improved in this way, making for quick acquisition, and an impossibility to pillage them.

2. Choose Research/Production

Caution: The following paths are designed to rush "The Pyramids" world wonder. Though a fairly safe rush, success is not guaranteed, especially with low experience without a strong capital, or anyone with a pitiful capital.

Research: Pottery -> Animal Husbandry -> Mining -> Masonry -> [Luxury Resource Techs.] -> ...-> Construction

The only reason Pottery should be skipped is if your civilization has a way of producing faith without it, else a Shrine is necessary. Similarly, Animal Husbandry can be skipped if you assume your capital will not have horses, else this is taken to find horses for settling later and in capital to increase production asap.

Production: (Scout) -> Monument -> Shrine -> (Granary) -> Worker -> Pyramids -> Settler -> Settler -> Settler.

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