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Corn Head
August 31, 2021 – 09:58 pm
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Harvesting corn is a seasonal business requiring high-speed operation and minimal machine down-time and/or corn losses. Maya America’s innovative and reliable corn head are specifically designed for high-quality harvesting with maximum harvest yields and reduced maintenance expenditures. Our foldable corn heads are simply tailored to modern farmers’ needs and able to tackle tough natural conditions with truly outstanding performance.

Maya America corn head advantages and benefits for corn harvesting:

  • High-performance and configurable corn head for rapid harvesting
  • Low-cost maintenance for customers with long-term service, operation and durability thanks to robust module
  • Operating on all harvester and silage blower machines owing to replaceable adjacent elements. Possible to adapt corn heads to run on any combine make/model
  • Single header for harvesting corn and sunflower. Due to Maya head’s innovative design it is seamlessly turned into the professional sunflower harvesting tool coping even with sick grass at high speeds
  • Convenient and safe transportation on the roads. Maya new corn header’s special hydraulic system can lift and fold it allowing to drive the combine without having to disconnect the heade
  • Harvesting even the tallest corn at high speeds with no need to stop during harvest
  • Reducing corn loss. Maya corn head is able to run at slower speed in comparison to competitors keeping more corn inside the head
  • Improved quality of harvest thanks to long modules for the corn plant stripping
  • Excellent quality of components (Parker hydraulics, SKF, INA, etc.)
  • Operating at lowest combine powers

Maya America strives for constant improvements and innovations of our products. Our corn heads are thought out in smallest details and made of top-quality materials. Our high-performance heads for corn and sunflower harvesting are sure to match the most demanding farmers’ requirements by providing reliable operation, high-quality chopping and minimizing corn loss.

Header Options and Accessories

  • 6 Row fixed frame with 20, 30, or 38 inch row width
  • 8 Row fixed and folding frame with 20, 30, or 38 inch row width
  • 12 Row fixed and folding frame with 20, 30, or 38 inch row width
  • 16 Row fixed frame with 20 or 30 inch row width – NEW!
  • 18 Row fixed frame with 20 or 30 inch row width – NEW!
  • Materials combination for the snouts: plastic or metal depending on customers’ requirements
  • Side chain for down corn harvesting
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