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July 10, 2021 – 09:00 pm
Ancient Mayan Art And
Some stelae were very large. The largest Maya stela discovered to date is the Stela E from the city of Quirigua. It weighs 65 tons and is around 34 feet tall.


The Maya also created detailed carvings in other materials such as wood and jade. Although only a few wood carvings have survived, archeologists believe that wood carvings were very popular pieces of art for the Maya.


The Maya painted murals on the walls of their buildings including their houses, temples, and public buildings. The subjects of the murals varied widely including scenes from daily life, mythology, battles, and religious ceremonies. Unfortunately, due to the high humidity of the region, few of the murals have survived.

Chama Style Vessel by Unknown


Maya ceramics are an important art form. The Maya created their pottery without the use of a potter's wheel. They decorated their pottery with elaborate designs and scenes. Archeologists are able to learn a lot about different periods and cities of the Maya through the scenes painted or carved into their pottery.

Carved Vessel by Unknown

Although none of the materials from the Maya age have survived to this time, archeologists can tell through the paintings, writings, and carvings the type of clothes that the Maya created. Clothing for the nobles was truly an art form. The nobles wore decorated clothing and huge headdresses made from feathers. Some of the most respected craftsmen were those that wove the detailed feathered clothing for the nobility.

Interesting Facts about Maya Art

  • Unlike many ancient civilizations, Maya artists sometimes signed their work.
  • Other arts included the performing arts of dance and music. The Maya had a variety of musical instruments including wind instruments, drums, and rattles. Some of the more complex instruments were reserved for the elite.
  • The Maya used stucco plaster to create large masks and portraits of both the gods and the kings.
  • The kings would often commission a work of art to commemorate events in their lives.
  • The city of Palenque is often considered the artistic capital of the Maya civilization. It wasn't a big or powerful city, but some of the finest Maya art has been found within this city.

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