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January 29, 2020 – 10:06 am
Mesopotamia: The First

Also British civilised /ˈsɪvəˌlaɪzd/

Learner's definition of CIVILIZED

[more civilized; most civilized]

: marked by well-organized laws and rules about how people behave with each other
  • A civilized society must respond to crime with fairness and justice.
  • a more civilized culture
  • a person known throughout the civilized world [=everywhere people live in well-organized and developed societies]
— 2 : polite, reasonable, and respectful
  • Stop yelling. We have to be more civilized about this.
  • a civilized conversation
  • Try to act like a civilized human being!
  • civilized behavior
— : pleasant and comfortable
  • With my new job, I'll be able to start my day at a more civilized hour. [=at a time that is not so early in the morning]
  • a civilized way to spend the evening
b : showing concern for what is correct according to social rules
  • They lived in a more civilized era. [=a time when people were more concerned with what was proper]
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