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January 28, 2019 – 01:39 pm
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Tracking periods is now fun and easy!

Maya is an easy and fun to use period tracker (menstrual cycle calendar). Use Maya to track your periods, related symptoms, mood swings and your overall health.


- Period / menstrual phases in intuitive color codes
- Automatic and accurate prediction of fertility
- Tweak menstrual cycle length and flow length
- Backup data to account and sync to multiple devices
- Password protection
- Easy entry of past cycles
- Prediction for start of cycle in the coming months
- Options to log love, weight and temperature
- Options to log symptoms and moods
- Graphs for weight and temperature
- View statistics and history
- Set vital reminders to the phone’s calendar
- Option to email all data
- Beautiful themes

For any support, queries or suggestions, write to us at:

Stay tuned to new features, updates and releases. Follow us at:

What's New in Version 3.3.6

- Home page redesign
- Profile Page
- Fingerprint Lock (on supported devices)
- New moods and symptoms

Love this app
by E4lly

I've been using this app for about 2.5years. It is usually spot on with my period start and end dates and even mood predictions and fertile or safe periods
I've been using it for a while so it has a lot of data to use for these predictions.
Also, the updated app has tips and information on what's going on in your body at various points of the month. Very help to know why my mood may be off or my face is breaking out. Highly recommend.

My fave.
by captnNikki

I've been using this app for about 2 years now. it has helped me learn my cycle in ways I never knew I needed. keep up with the progress!

Love this app!!
by Natswill
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