Mayan and Aztec Timeline

World History Timeline - By Tarini Carr
July 29, 2019 – 06:59 am
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7500BC- Ancient bricks dated at the Gulf of Cambay. Remains of what may have been a pre-Harappan city.

7000BC- Earliest Pre-Harappan settlement of Mehrgarh.

6150BC Çatalhoyük is a major Neolithic center in Turkey.

5000-3400BC- first signs of maize, bean and cotton domestication in Mesoamerica.

5000 BC The practice of ritual burial and artificial mummification is begun by the Chincorro people of north coastal Chile, attesting to the Andean concern for the veneration and preservation of the dead.

5000BC - Yang Shao Culture. Farming villages in the Yellow River valleys.


4000BC- Excavations from this period at Sumerian sites of Kish and Susa reveal existence of Indian trade products.

3372BC- First date in Mayan Calendar.

3700-3100BC- The Uruk Period of Sumeria, people moved from villages to cities, writing developed, and the creation of monumental temples. Uruk become one of the most important centers in Mesopotamia.

3100BC – First Egyptian Dynasty founded by Menes.

3100BCFirst Mycenaean Culture begins.

3000BC Stonehenge in England built

3000BC Egyptian Hieroglyphs developed


2952BC- Fu-Xi, first of the Three Noble Emperors rules. He develops the Chinese alphabet and culture.

2870BC – Troy founded.

2800BC- Foundation of the ‘Old Kingdom’ in Egypt, covering 3rd Dynasty to the 7th.

2780BC- Zoser becomes ruler of Egypt. His physician Imhotep designs the first pyramid at Saqqara.

2700BC – Great Pyramid age begins in Egypt with Khufu building the Great Pyramid of Giza.

2697BC- Huang-ti, the “Yellow Emperor” comes to power in China.

2613BC – Death of king Khufu, succeeded by his son Redjedef who introduces the worship of Ra into the royal tutelary and religion.

2603BC –Khafre rules and builds his tomb at Giza.

2600-1800BC Indus Civilization at its height.The Harappan cities have sophisticated water and sewer systems, the like which would not be seen until Roman times.

2586BC – The temple of Sri Rangam in south India completed.

2578BC –Menkaure rules Egypt, builds the smallest of the 3 pyramids at Giza.

2500BC- Sphinx built at Giza

2500BC -Long Shan Culture .East China and Central River valleys. Wheel-made pottery, divination and ancestral worship

2500BC – Papyrus used for writing in Egypt.

2500BC -Residential communities on the north Pacific coast of Peru grow large. The extensive Aspero, covered over thirty acres, with ceremonial mounds, plazas, and terraces.


2371BC- Sargon of Agade founds the Akkadian Empire and unites Sumer and Akkad.

2350BC Sargon of Akkad destroys Babylon (which rises again)

2350BC- Yao Dynasty in China.

2205-1766BC – Xia Dynasty begins in China. Ritual bronze vessels and "oracle bones" calligraphy. Evidence of a relatively sophisticated medical system using acupuncture needles and medical observations

2150BC- Civil War in Egypt

2100BC- The Kingdom of Ur 2100-2000. Abraham leads his people from Ur to Canaan (Palestine).

2000BC- The so-called Temple of the Crossed Hands, a large square building with mud reliefs of crossed human arms in an interior chamber, is built at Kotosh in the north central Andean highlands

1925BC- Hittites conquer Babylon.

1800-900BC Early Formative Period of Mesoamerica. Neolithic farming villages;looms, ground stone figurines; rule by groups of elders, shamans, or chiefs; rain & fertility cults

1878BC – Sesostris II dies and is succeeded by his son Sesostris III who builds a canal at the first cataract of the Nile, forms a standing army and erects forts at the Southern border.

1700BC- The Minoan civilization on Crete is at its height

1700 BC Construction begins on the pyramid at the site of Cerro Sechin in the north-central valley of Casma, Peru.

1728BC- Accession of Hammurabi the Great of Babylon, author of the great Code of Laws.

1650-rise of Mycenaean civilization.


1600BC – Hebrews enter Egypt.

1600BC-Linear A (writing) in common use over Crete.

1595BC – First Babylonian Empire destroyed by the Hittites.

1570BC- Beginning of the New Kingdom in Egypt: Hyksos driven out by Ahmose I and the Temple of Amun at Karnak begun. Reunification of Egypt begins.

1551BC – Ahmose I dies and is succeeded by Amenhotep I. He begins the custom of hiding his burial place.

1504BC- Thutmose II dies and is succeeded by his young son Thutmose III. His mother Hatshepsut governs as regent and within a year is crowned pharaoh. Mother and son then rule jointly.

1500BC – Cinnamon is exported from Kerala to Middle East.

1500BC- First tomb in the Valley of the Kings Egypt.

1500BC-Polynesians migrate throughout Pacific islands.

1500BC-Mittani Kingdom begins in Asia Minor.

1500BC The Huaca de los Reyes, a grand building complex of plazas, sunken courts, colonnades, towers, and adobe sculptures, is built of stone and clay mortar at the site of Caballo Muerto in Peru's Moche Valley.

1500BC Gold is hammered into thin foil and placed in the hands and mouth of a youth upon burial at the central highland site of Waywaka in Peru. The gold foil is the first evidence for the working of metals in South America


1483BC –Thutmose III of Egypt reconquers Syria and Palestine and expands his empire.

1400BC- Cretan Culture ends: Knossos burnt..

1379BC – Amenhotep introduces monotheistic Sun-worship and abolishes all old gods.

1375BC- Suppiluliumas becomes king of the Hittites in Asia Minor and begins building Hittite Empire.

1361BC- The boy-pharaoh Tutankhamen succeeds Akhenaton: his advisors restore the worship of the old gods of Egypt.

1350BC-The Lion Gate of Mycenae built.

1304BC- Rameses II the Great, becomes pharaoh of Egypt

1300BC-Phoenician settlements founded in Helias and Cadiz.

1276BC – Lifetime of Tiglath Pileser I of Assyria. He conquers the Armenians, Hittites, Babylonians and forces Egypt to pay tribute to him

1250BC - Moses leads 600, 000 Jews out of Egypt.

1200BC-Agamemnon, king of Mycenae

1193BC- Probable time of the legendary Greek Trojan War celebrated in Homer's epic poems, Iliad and Odyssey (ca -750).

1175BC- Invasion of Egypt by confederation of Greeks, Philistines, Sardinians, and Sicilians: all defeated by Ramses III.

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