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Timeline, Early Belize History
February 26, 2020 – 10:25 am
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12, 000 years ago, a traveler from the cities of Tiahuancaco and Sacsahuaman in South America, crosses the Gulf of Honduras by passage in a trading canoe, landing on Wild Cane Caye to camp the night, before passing up Golden Stream to the towns he can see in the distance hills.

5, 109 years ago (3, 114 B.C.) The new revised Mayan calendar reaches the people of Belize and replaces the old one.

2, 338 years ago (342 B.C.), Caracol the capital of central Western Belize a vassal state to Tikal, hosts the visiting ruling Lord of Tikal and his huge entourage for public ceremonies.

2, 846 years ago (850 B.C.), Mik Chan of today's Corozal, loses the last of his cargo he had brought from Xelha to the north during a drunken spree at the town we now call Xcalak on the Belize/Mexican coastal border inside the barrier reef.

2, 646 years ago (650 B.C.), Tutul Xiu a teenage youth from, today I s Corozal, sees the barrier reef islands for the first time on a trading trip south with his uncle to the country we today call Honduras.

2, 183 years ago (187 B.C.), Cob Chan is the first victim sacrificed to the Gods at the temple of Cerros in northern Belize on Chetumal Bay.

2, 003 years ago, The people around Chetumal Bay in northern Belize abandon the feudal system experiment with Kings, Lords and temples, while other parts of meso-america just begin.

1, 938 years ago, The final families abandon Cerros, the city state.

1, 918 years ago (78 A.D.), A wave of central American west coast Chol Maya flood the towns of Belize as new immigrants.

1, 620 years ago (376 A.D.), Lord smoking Frog conquers Rio Azul and war refugees flee into Caracol and southern Belize.

1, 314 years ago (682 A.D.), Lubaantun in the Southern Toledo District of Belize is on the regular trade routes from the central Peten city states and political alliances.

1, 121 years ago (850 A.D.), All of Belize from north to south was a thriving country with a population over 300, 000 in different city states about 67 kilometers apart.

896 years ago (1100 A.D.), Altun Ha in northern Belize is still thriving, while the city states of the Peten are disintegrating. Lubaantun in the southern Toledo District of Belize is also going strong. The 200 year drought affects all the American continents.

873 years ago (1, 123 A.D.), Throughout Belize, the Yucatec Maya rise up and overthrow the Itza-Maya (from the Peten), the rulers and overlords.

1346 (Christian calendar), Shi Col attends ceremonies on Wild Cane Caye in the Toledo District, then returns to her hill village.

1487 The Aztec spread their influence and send spies as far as Belize, for politics and trade economics.

1508 First known date of Spanish excursions into Belize. Maya resist Spanish attempts at control.

1511 Geronimo de Aguilar is the first Spaniard, settling around Chetumal Bay, where he raises a family. He arrived in the Yucatan from a shipwreck off Jamaica.

1528 Francisco de Montejo, the Adelanto arrives in Corozal, northern Belize.

1542 The official Spanish Declaration of invasion and conquest occurs.

1544 The conquest of Dzuluinicob (northern Belize) is accomplished when the western political capital of Tipu on the Macal River is occupied.

1546 A massive rebellion and uprising throw out the Spanish from Belize.

1547 The Pecheco cousins and friends receive another Spanish Grant to Belize and start another conquest, killing, burning and torturing through the villages.

1548 Warfare, makes Pecheco give up on Belize, he moves north into the Yucatan with a new and larger grant to a more pacified area.

1562 Infamous catholic Bishop Landa instigates the destruction of Maya culture and hegemony for the conquest and enslavement of the Maya.

1567 The Spanish from the Yucatan organize another reconquest. of Belize, invading, burning, killing, torturing and destroying anything to do with Mayan cultural identity and books.

1568 Juan de Garzon assembles another military force and lays waste Mayan communities throughout Belize nearly reaching as far south as Lake Isobel.

1569 The Dutch arrive and raid along the Belize coast.

1571 The first black person is recorded in a census in this year.

1582 Bishop Fray Gregorio de Montalvo recommends against Belize reductions due to the widespread orchards and famous agricultural production.

1608 Tipu the capital of Belize and center of Maya political power is reduced by the Spanish.

1615 The Spanish reduce Tipu once again to stamp out Maya politics.

1618 The Catholic Franciscans are given the right in Merida, to attempt a peaceful persuasive enslavement and conquest of Belize under Father Orbita and Father Fuensalida.

1623 Father Diego Delgado gets himself and eighty Tipu-Maya men killed by the Itza-Maya in the central Peten.

1627 to 1630 Famine and plagues of locusts devastate the country from Belize to Merida. Tens of thousands of Maya starve to death as four seasonal crops in a row are destroyed.

1630 The towns of Belize are abandoned as people flee to the bush to eat roots.

1631 Political Mayan leaders order the remaining people to continue to abandon the Spanish controlled towns when the famine is over.

1636 Major war ensues between the Maya and Spanish who wish to re-enslave the inhabitants of Belize.

1637 The population of Belize nears extinction.

1638 Mayan political leaders out of the western capital of Belize at Tipu start a new independence movement...

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