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Mayan weddings and ancient rituals in Mexico
January 7, 2022 – 12:20 am
Mayan Rituals by RenjuArt

Some couples find it appealing to celebrate their wedding by bringing to life ancient marriage rituals from the Mayan culture.

Mayan weddings generally take place on a beach or archeological sites (for which permission must be obtained ahead of time) in destinations located in the Mayan region of Mexico, such as Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, Xcaret, the Mayan Riviera, in hidden caves in the jungle, or on the outskirts of the Natural Reserve of Sian Ka´an, in the Southern part of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo.

In accordance with the ancient Mayan rituals, it is recommended that before the wedding celebration the future groom gives the bride a muhul (a package of gifts made up of a gold chain, listones (wooden hair barrettes), and a huipil (a traditional, long, sleeveless dress) so that together they can take a bath of temazcal (a traditional indigenous purification steam bath).

For the grand celebration bride and groom dress in white, she with her special huipil and he in a hand-made woven suit. To recreate the perfect environment, full of magic and mysticism, the wedding should take place amidst copal incense smoke (an aromatic resin considered sacred and purifying of the environment), flowers, veils and torches or lamps. In front of the couple, the shaman or Mayan priest will evoke the four elements: water, earth, wind and fire, so that their presence may strengthen and bless the union for many years. Finally, the union of the couple is sealed with the exchange of rings or other token that represents the marriage and pledges. Later the shaman may sacrifice an animal – a turkey, chicken, goat or even a cow – whose preparation begins the banquet and can be accompanied by stuffed cheese, wedding tamales, pickled turkey, chicken pibil (cooked in a barbecue pit), pok chuk (roasted pork) and pozol (a local corn beverage).

The music that accompanies the event could be wind instruments and percussions (which date back to pre-Hispanic times) or live classical violin of guitar music, which can extend beyond the ceremony into the dinner celebration.

Love for Mayan weddings is the result of its simplicity, originality and deep meaning. Most grand hotels in Merida, Cancun and the Riviera Maya are equipped with wedding consultants capable of finding the suitable location, procedures, and all elements required to organize this type of events.

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