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Secret of Scarlet Hands walkthrough
July 14, 2021 – 09:16 pm
Kukulcan He was the Mayan

Walkthrough by Norma Kuderna and Linda Shaw

This walkthrough is written for junior and senior detective modes. If this is your first time playing a Nancy Drew game try the tutorial on the cd-rom. This game is non-linear but certain things have to be done before you can proceed. For example, you can do the activities in the temple, but you won't be able to get past the last quiz question. It is easier to finish all your tasks in the lab first. The only difference that I could see between the junior and senior detective mode is that the maze is harder when you play as a senior detective.

Nancy is working for the Beech Hill museum in Washington, DC, as a deputy curator. This is an internship position, which her dad’s friend, Franklin Rose, helped her get. Beech Hill museum is closed now and getting ready for an Ancient Mayan Culture exhibit.

Nancy meets Joanna Riggs…. In the exhibit hall. She shows Nancy the jade carving of King Pacal. Later they talk in her office and she tells Nancy there is a list of tasks she would like done on Nancy’s desk in the lab. Before you leave Joanna’s office, look at the magazines on the round table in the corner. Look at “Art in the America’s”. Click on the paragraph about Rutherford on page 28. Nancy will say, “ Topeka Commission for the Arts…how cultured!” Now you can look through the rest of the article.

Before going to the lab take a look around the lobby of the museum. Leave the office and turn around to view the plaques on each side of Joanna’s office door. Especially look at the plaque on the right side that lists the major contributors and click on the bottom section where it lists Lady Prudence Rutherford and the Topeka Commission for the Arts. Nancy will say, “Topeka Commission for the Arts – that’s the organization Prudence Rutherford works for!”

Go to the admission desk and look at the map. (Notice some of the glyphs and their translations. It will be useful later. )

Go around the other side of the admission desk and look in the drawer. Take the Temple Key card

Notice there is a knob missing on the doors to the headphones.

Go out towards the double golden doors, but turn to your left and go into the alcove. Pick up the paper that is folded into an airplane. You will need this later to finish task #3.

The double doors lead to the Metro station. The red dots show where you can go at this time.

The Colonial Hotel is where Nancy is staying. Her laptop is there and contains her notes about what she has done and what she needs to do next. This is very helpful if you get stuck and don’t know what to do. Later as you pick up Sonny’s floppy disk and Henrik’s disk you can access the information from Nancy’s computer.

You can also call her friends, Bess and George, for help. Use the alarm clock if you have to change times.

Time to get to work! Go to the LAB…

To find the lab, go all the way through the main exhibit hall and veer right before you get to the pyramid. Go through the door that says “Employees Only” and then take the door to your right that says “LAB”.


Nancy’s desk is the one on the left facing the door. Find the list of tasks. Open the top drawer on the right and look at Sonny Joon’s notebook. Look at the candy wrapper. Pick up the loose knob. (looks like it might fit on the glass cabinet in the lobby). Look along the counter at the Spectro X analyzer. Click on the switch and Nancy will say, “ I better get permission first.” Look at Henrik’s desk and also the ham radio.

#4. Order Bubble wrap, packing tape, sticky labels. (easy to do first)

Look at the list of suppliers next to the phone and call Silvio’s Curatorial Bonanza

At 555-9963. Talk to Silvio and try ordering more packing supplies. Your account

number is BH119K.

Before leaving the lab to do task #3 which is a PRIORITY, talk with Henrik. Ask about his work, monolith translations, etc. Ask about the order for packing material and he will absolve you from that task. Ask for advice.

Leave the lab and go to the Mexican Consulate to finish task #3. Make sure you have found the Monolith Loan Agreement. It is that airplane folded paper in the alcove of the lobby. Talk with Alejandro del Rio. When you finish return to the museum and use the knob you found on the glass cabinet to get a pair of headphones. Go back to the lab and cross of task #3.

#1. Sort out shards of pottery and re-assemble pot (at lab work station)

You need to find 2 missing pieces first. One is in the box labeled Sonny’s “Stuff”

located on a shelf in Shipping and Receiving across the hall from the Lab. The

other piece can be found in a bowl on the top floor of the pyramid.

After finding both missing pieces go to the work station in the lab. Click on the pottery pieces and all 7 pieces will show up on the right side. Place your cursor over either side of the black turntable until it changes to a curved arrow. This will turn the vase and make it easier to place the pieces. When all the pieces stick in place you will know it is done and Nancy will say, “That’s done!” Now you can cross this task off your list.

#5. Match recorded narrations…

Henrik will give you some help on how to do this if you ask him. This is what he says:

There is a picture of how the exhibits are lettered on the Auto Narrator in Sonny’s


Using your head phones, go to each of the exhibits in the main hall and also in the garden. Listen to the exhibit and check to see if the audio matches with the exhibit. If it doesn’t you need to change it on the Convomatic Auto Narrator located in the Shipping Receiving room. When they are arranged correctly Nancy will say, “That’s done!” Cross that task off your list and you will have only one more to do.

To solve the auto narrator puzzle, change the number for each of the lettered exhibits:

A 5

B 8

C 14

D 7

E 1

F 6

G 9

H 15

I 3

J 13

K 12

L 4

M 2

N 10

O 11

#6. Reorder Mayan number exhibit in main exhibition hall.

You will need to find two tiles first. One is located in the main exhibition hall in the glass case in the section “Who Were the Maya?” Click on the key hole to open the glass case. The other tile is located in the garden section on the Bicephalic Altar.

Once you have those tiles, go to the end of the Language section in the main exhibition hall. Click on the key hole to open the case. See picture below:

For clues on solving this puzzle:

Go to Nancy’s room and check out Sonny’s floppy disk. Insert it in the lower right hand slot of her laptop. The password is koko kringle. Under Stuff to Remember you will find Sonny’s I’d rather be counting sheep guide to the MAYA NUMBER SYSTEM. With this information and the two tiles you are ready to complete the task and mark it off your list.

The Bomba Codex: A sacred, ancient Mayan manuscript (codex) found in a cave in Belize may contain the sacred words of the Maya supreme god, Kukulcan. ... anxious to smuggle it out of Belize.
Book (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform)
Flat River Group Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar
Toy (Flat River Group)
  • For 2-4 players
  • Takes about 90 minutes to play
  • Great strategy game with unique mechanic
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