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Mayan Religious Hierarchy
June 2, 2017 – 08:31 pm
Plaza One at the Classic Mayan

The Mayan civilization was one of the most ancient renowned, famous and inexplicable Meso american civilizations. Most of us today are aware of Mayan people and the contribution that they made in various specs of life. The Mayan empire was famous for the only copiously developed written language.

Mayan people were known for their beautiful architecture, acquisitive artistic, mathematical as well as astronomical calculative systems.

The Mayan civilization was also very famous for its religious beliefs and spiritual activities. The Mayan civilization was such a civilization where not only deities were worshipped but also other elements of nature along with ancestors. Demons & bush spirits also played an important role in the Mayan religious hierarchy. The Mayan religious hierarchy structure is described below

Mayan Religious Hierarchy


There is a long list of deities in Mayan religious hierarchy. These are mentioned below –

Itzamna – The primary creator God. Sky God– It consisted following:

The Sun God The Moon Goddess The Venus Cycle Patrons

Weather & Crop Gods– It consisted following:

Chaac – The Rain God Bolon Dzacab – The Lightning God Bacabs- Thunder God Maize God

Occupational Gods– It consisted following:

Ek Chuah – God of merchants God L – Black sorcerers Goddess O – midwives

God of Hunt Goddess of Marriage


The conventional Mayan civilization lived in the recurrent presence of the bilateral ancestors – the ‘(grand) fathers as well as the (grand) mothers’. These ancestors were supposed to live on the highlands. They expected the offerings from their descendents and in return brought peace, harmony and prosperity to the kingdom. These ancestors played an important role in the Mayan civilization.


These were a part of the ancestors but at inferior level of the ancestors. This was a special category in the Mayan religious hierarchy. These were referred to as ‘Mayan Hero Twins’ namely – Hunahpu & Xbalanque. The great adventures of these heroes were well known all over the Mayan civilization. These brave heroes were addressed exquisitely in Mayan prayers. These heroes received some special form of worship from Mayan civilization.

Animal Persons

These were transformed form of human beings, having some features of humans while attributes of animals. They used to play numerous varying Mayan social roles like healing, messengers, writer, sculptor, musicians. These were seen as seated with deities and so be worshipped.

Demons, Spooks & Bush Spirits

These were considered as gods of death and diseases. These were worshipped or provided sacrifices on the command of priests just to avoid bad luck, diseases and bad things to happen in the Mayan civilization.

Dwarfs & Goblin

The aboriginal Mayan priests were supposed to create these goblins to be attended properly to get the rain deity visit the nation. At the same area, dwarfs were considered to accompany the Tonsured Maize God. These were attended with care since they were supposed to be deity’s assistance.

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