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December 19, 2018 – 12:38 pm
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The Maya LT Help (what you're looking at) provides searchable documentation on all the features in , from beginner to advanced techniques. It also contains technical documentation with information about scripting.

  • Help - press F1 or select Help > Autodesk Maya LT Help.

  • Select Help > Find a Menu, then enter a string to find the location of a particular menu item from the main menu.

  • Interface overview is an image of the interface with the names and a basic description of all the main interface elements. It gives you links to where things are described so you can find more information.

  • All Maya LT Hotkeys is a list of every single keyboard shortcut you can press in .

  • Scripting: You can access scripting documentation in the Maya LT Help on using MEL Maya's proprietary scripting language.

Learning Videos

  • 1-minute Startup Movies: These short movies demonstrate some basic skills you need to use in . You can run these videos when you first start up , or choose Help > 1-Minute Startup Movies to visit the 1-Minute Startup Movies web page. The movies are available in English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

  • Getting Started videos:

    While these lessons are designed to introduce Maya, many lessons also apply in Maya LT. If you are new to Maya LT, this guide can help to get you started on your learning path. See .

  • The Maya Learning Channel on YouTube streams videos on various Maya workflows and features. The learning channel provides trusted content authored by Autodesk. New videos are posted regularly - subscribe to the channels to keep up-to-date!
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