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7 Fun Facts About the Tulum Ruins
May 17, 2017 – 01:09 am
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An aerial view of Tulum taken from the sea.The Tulum ruins are among the most visited sites in all of Mexico. Here are 7 fun facts about this impressive archaeological site overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Located at the southern end of the, Tulum is one of the fastest growing eco-destinations in Mexico. With its endless white beaches, historical sites and natural attractions, Tulum attracts millions of visitors from around the globe every year. A place often describe Bohemian Chic, Tulum is a great place to enjoy the incredible beauty of the Mexican Caribbean combined with the many artistic endeavors that can be found in practically every aspect of the society.

Looking up at the ruins of Tulum in Mexico's Riviera Maya

1) Not to be confused with its Cajun sister to the north, that town on the Bayou celebrated as the “House of the Rising Sun”, the original name given to the city of Tulum by its first inhabitants is Zama, meaning “Place of the Dawning Sun”. The name Tulum, which is also Mayan, means trench or wall.

2) Speaking of walled cities, did you know Tulum is one of the very walled cities known to be built by the Maya? Erected on a cliff overlooking the hypnotizing azure waters of the Caribbean Sea, the Maya constructed the walls not only to keep out seafaring invaders, but also fellow Mayans of a lower pecking order.

A wide angle shot of the Maya ruins at Tulum, Mexico

3) Built as a major port for Cobá in the 13th century, the capital of Maya civilization, Tulum continued to be a functioning city until shortly after the beginning of the Spanish Conquest, when the remaining inhabitants were wiped out by disease brought by the Spaniards. In spite of its importance, no more than an estimated 1, 600 people ever inhabited Tulum at one time.

A view of the Tulum Castle in Mexico's Riviera Maya4) After the great Teotihuacan located outside of Mexico City, and the New Seven World of the World, , Tulum is the third most visited archeological site in all of Mexico. With such stiff competition left behind by generations of talented ancestors, that’s no small feat in and of itself.

5) Tulum served as a major trading post for both inland and seafaring goods from as far away as, in northern Guatemala, a hearty 430 miles (700 kilometers) away from this walled city on the sea.

6) Not far from this world-famous tourist attraction lies yet another, but this one’s famous more for its present than its past. Called the world’s largest natural aquarium, is a beautiful aquatic park gracefully developed along the Riviera Maya coastline. With calm, natural bays for snorkeling enjoy the beauty of the region’s flora and fauna at this all-inclusive park that includes water activities, ecological attractions, restaurants and stunning scenery which can be enjoyed while you relax in a hammock or walking around park. And if that weren’t enough, there is an extremely large model of Tulum located at the park’s entrance, which allows you to better appreciate the complexity and importance of this walled city overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

The frescoe temple at the Tulum ruins in the Riviera Maya TulumCatherwood1844.jpg Looking toward the sea at the Mayan ruins of Tulum An aerial view of Xel-Ha, the aquatic park located just outside of Tulum, Rivera Maya
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