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Chichen Itza Ruins – Yucatan
June 9, 2018 – 06:12 pm
Mexico s top ancient ruins

Chichen Itza - Sacred city of the Itza

Wow, Chichen Itza, a dream day that we had planned for a long time and we were not disappointed. Located in the State of the Yucatan just 75miles from Merida, Chichen Itza is an easy day trip from the coastal cities in the Riviera Maya or colonial cities in the Yucatan. Put on your walking shoes and get ready to explore this archeological site that took hundreds of years to build by many different cultures that left strong evidence of their architectural influences. So here is our best effort of sharing the history and fast facts of this Mayan ruin site. There is more to study for the aficionado but this information will get you started and prove to make your trip richer, more informed and more pleasurable!

Chichen Itza – The Sacred City of the Itza

Chichen Itza (chee-chehn eet-sah) means“Mouth of the well of the Itza” named for the large cenote and water source by the first settlers of the city. The first settlers of the land were the Itza’s around 400 A.D. where the city was developed as an agriculturally based society. The Sacred Cenote supplied water to the farmers and continues to be the focal point of Chichen Itza’s evolution as a central city. During the Central Phase of the Classic Period, 625 -800 A.D., Chichen Itza shifted from a farming to arts, sciences and religious practices. With this change came new city buildings that supported the new practices. The Red House, the House of the Deer, the Nunnery, Annex, the Church, the Akab Dzib, the Temple of the Three Lintels and the House of Phalli were all religious additions during the Central Phase of the Classic Period. From 800 to 925 A.D., the foundations of this magnificent civilization weakened. The Maya abandoned their main religious center and created new communities only to return in the 10th century A.D..
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