Oldest Mayan ruins

One of the Oldest Mayan Sites
October 20, 2018 – 11:59 am
El Cedral Ruins Cozumel

Cahael Pech is one of the oldest Mayan sites. We learned that the Mayan rulers would often build on top of what other rulers had already built. So, most of the lower parts of the ruins were the oldest.

I'm glad we went with a guide. Our guide, Victor (from the Mopan River Resort) talked a lot about the vegetation surrounding the ruins and what they meant to the Mayan people. We saw the "horse balls" tree that the Mayans used for glue. We saw an all-spice tree and learned about the "give and take" tree. Victor explained what the ruins would have looked like the Mayan times (very smooth and painted in bright colors, with all the trees from within removed so you could see it from miles away).

We learned about the Mayan ballcourts and got to stand in one of them. I loved how we were able to walk inside the bedrooms of the Mayan rulers and walk throughout the temples. I couldn't believe we were allowed to walk on the steps and see and touch everything.

Source: www.tripadvisor.com
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