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August 16, 2017 – 10:56 am
Mayan Empire on emaze


−1 National unrest +15% Fort Defense

The Sacred Cenote

−10% Stability cost modifier

Building Traditions

−10% Development cost

Ancient Feuds

−10% Aggressive expansion impact

Shipwreck Survivors

−5% Technology cost


+10% National tax modifier

28px Remote Isolation

+1 Attrition for enemies

Caste War

+10% Morale of armies


+10% Infantry combat power

Maya is a formable country in Mesoamerica. It can be formed by states with primary culture in Mayan group and Mayan religion, namely Xiu, Itza, Cocomes and Kiche in 1444 start. Once formed, Maya will retain the primary culture, national ideas and Mayan religious reforms of the founding nation and change government to Despotic Monarchy. Since Mayan culture doesn't exist anywhere in historical starts, the de facto culture of Maya nation will be either Yucatan, Putun or Highland Mayan. The Maya will also change its government to despotic monarchy automatically upon formation, despite being tribal despotism in history files.

Historically, the League of Mayapan was dissociated in 1441 after Ah Xiu Tutal overthrew and slaughtered the then ruling family, Cocomes. He became the last chief of the league de jure but the rebellion of other states was already unavoidable and the league finally and completely disintegrated in 1461. The truces between the independent Yucatan states remained until Cocomes was ambushed by the Xiu again at Chichen Itza in 1535, a few years before Spanish conquistador Francisco Montejo arrived and conquered Yucatan. The Itza city-state of Petén was the last independent Mayan state before it fell to Spanish invaders in 1697.

Reunite the League of Mayapan

Once all Maya states of importance fought under the same banner. Let us recreate the League of Mayapan and put the petty conflicts that once shattered the confederation behind us.

Opening moves[edit]

There are four countries which can reform the League of Mayapan:

Xiu or Cocomes[edit]

These two countries have similar initial strategy(although Xiu starts with more troops and development): both of them have relative high income, low autonomy and are isolated from the main Nahuatl countries. Attack them from the back and demand as many provinces as possible. When the player has controlled all 14 Mayan provinces, try to ally with an enemy of the Zapotec and then declare a war on the Zapotec. Negotiate separately if there is any independent country in the enemy alliance, as this will give the most provinces needed, and the player can perhaps force-convert them as well. Make sure that the nationwide unrest is low enough so that rebels won't break out when coring conquered provinces. Increasing autonomy of distant heretic provinces will be a good choice, because after they become independent and conquered again in next cycle the autonomy will drop to 50% (40% with a claim). After securing 20 provinces, just core them and pass the first reform.

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